ADVENTURE 38: A Lovers Reunion

The Characters

Jerry Springwater: Human Fighter-Paladin-Justicar, Level 14 LG
Jestyn: High Elf Wizard, Level 15 NG
Verrof: Earth Genasi Ranger-Foe Hunter, Level 13 LG, ECL 14
Kirian Ylestos: Human Figher-Barbarian, Level 13 CG
Relan: High Elf Cleric of Heironeus, Level 11 LG

ADVENTURE 38: A Lovers Reunion: They began exploring the strange area. They searched the nearby corridor, discovering soon a room with many decaying ships in it, and a small model shipa magical device. They soon discovered that it would turn into a real ship if the words Tarun or Malgadesh were spoken. Using their immovable rod as an anchor, they PCs soon began sailing upon the nearby river. Across it they found a laboratory guarded by two golems, who they defeated. They decided not to take anything inside without first asking Agamemnon. They sailed down the river now, stopping at a raised room above to battle a group of mad cannibals. They crossed over a bridge, finding an empty chamber full of starved, half-eaten corpses. Here they discovered a secret library, with two magical tomes, but chose not to take them yet. Further down the river they sailed, finding strange clues written under the bridge, then a teleporter at the end of the river. Taking it, they were transported to another such place, and as they got back in their boat, they sailed upstream , with some difficulty. In a side area they found a water-filled room with some sandbars. Here they met a strange froglike being, who seemed somewhat friendly once they made him a Heros Feast full of fish. He told them the way to a great whirlpool, on the other side of which he said the vampire Agamemnon lived. They followed his advice, sailing further and to another hallway. At the end of it they found a chute in a room with a huge painting of a monstrous mouth in the center. Going down, they found themselves in a water-filled room, a huge whirling maelstrom of water in the center, a gaping maw of pure death. They used their boat and Verrof guided it onward, thinking that this would be easy. He was wrong. Dead wrong.
The first part was easy, until the boat needed to cross part of the whirlpool itself. It was instantly sucked further in, towards the inside. Verrof tried guiding the ship away, but failed horribly. It was sucked in further. Kirian caught his grappling hook in the wall, buying them some time while Verrof tried again to set their course right. He failed even more. Soon the rope snapped ,and the boat was hurled towards the center! Jestyn and Anna Marie managed to leap away as it fell down and down. Kirian jumped a good jump, getting almost out of the whirlpools reach. Jeb got his grappling hook into a wall and grasped onto his rope, surviving too. The others died quickly. Jerry, Verrof, Relan and even Akbeth were sucked down and died horribly. Using Jebs rope, the others eventually managed to swim to safety on the other side, though dreading to face Agamemnon without their friends.
Finally, they came to a dark beach, a staircase on the other side. Here, Jestyn tried teleporting outbut it failed! The party decided to use a wish to bring back Akbeth, as she seemed their only hope. She came back alive, though very shocked (and missing her ring) Now they had two wishes left on their ring. They went onward, through a water-logged hallway, through a muddy corridor. One of the side-passages contained a single floating door, which only the sword Butcher could open. They went on, finally coming to a huge water-filled room, lined with curse-covered pillars, a great red door at the end. A thorough search here revealed a secret passage under the water, leading into a dark tunnel lined with shining gold script. It was blocked by a boulder, but Jestyn was able to disintegrate it. In the room beyond, a horrible sight awaited. Everyone (except Akbeth, who made her save) experienced their worst fears. Jestyn and Kirian only passed out, but when they awoke they saw that Anna Marie and Jeb were both stone dead. Still they went on. A door in this room led to an elaborate tomb. It was but a ruse, however. Akbeth knew that the man in it was not Agamemnon, and knew that the sword inside was not his Butcher. They searched for secrets but found none. They went on, desperate for clues. Now their sanities were beginning to leave them, as strange whispers seemed to call to them from everywhere.
After Jestyn memorized a Remove Curse, he cast it upon the central doors. They bled profusely, finally falling away to reveal a grand hall beyond, covered in lovely artwork of Agamemnon himself. At the end of it were two golden doors, and a strange black pyramid, seeming to contain the spirits of tortured souls. For now they ignored it and searched the rooms. The first was filled with treasure, which they avoided for now. The second contained a dozen crypts, and many mummies, which the party easily defeated. Beyond it, double doors led to a strange room of large stone blocks, seemingly useless. They searched the treasure roomthe treasure was an illusion, and as they searched, Akbeth realized that the room was a trap, and commanded them to leave. She told them later that it had been a temporal stasis trapthey would have all been trapped forever. The party, finding little clues, decided to search everything completely. They found a latch on the pyramid, which opened a secret door containing some preserved bodies of young womenone who had a lovely amulet. For now they ignored this, suspecting another trap. They searched even more, for many hours, going even more crazy from the voices. Finally, they found something elsea trap door in the strange illusion room, leading down to a tunnel. Yet it was blocked off too, by a pile of rubble. Several hours and a spell later, the party was through that, and into a circular room with a depression on the floor. It seemed to match the amulet form before, so they went back and took it, to no ill effect. Placing it inside, they were greeted by Agamemnon himselfthe handsome vampire wizard, who stepped through a gate. At first he was angry and suspicious, suspecting a trap. Then he saw that Akbeth was real, real and alive. Jestyn told him the whole story, and Agamemnon was amazed. He seemed to lose all hope, however, thinking that he had long ago lost his humanity and could not go back, that he was unworthy of Akbeths pure love. Then Jestyn talked to him, telling his own story of evil and redemption (killing the girl, then repenting, etc). Agamemnon could relate to this. He decided to accept the partys offer of a wish to restore his humanity. He took the ring in hand, and then he began to change. When it was all over, he was a man again. He ran over and embraced Akbeth, and the two lay in each-others arms for many minutes.

DM’S COMMENTS: Damn, this area was deadly! Four deaths in the whirlpool alone, mainly because the boat’s pilot (Verrof) was getting horrible rolls (multiple ones.) It could have been TPK in a moment, several times. It was a good game for the players that made it through it. They both gained tons of experience. For the others it’ll take some True Ressurection and wishes for their lives and equipment to come back, but Agamemnon may help the party now that they’ve restored him. To the module designers: thank you for a totally killer set of levels!

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