Session 14

The Characters

Telok: Elf cleric of Obad-hai, divine disciple, level 9 CG
Jimwise Welby: Halfling Paladin, Level 9 LG
Jerry Springwater: Human Fighter-Paladin, Level 9 LG
Jestyn: High Elf Wizard, Level 8 CN
Verrof: Earth Genasi Ranger, Level 6 LN
Sithdar Darkblade: Human Rogue-Assassin, Level

ADVENTURE 14: THE BABY EATERS: The next morning the characters awoke, Telok seemingly in an especially good mood. They then went to the area on the other side of the magic circle room where Jerry had rested, finding a magically locked door that led back into the purple mist. Exploring to the south, the PCs quickly dispatched a zombie, then began exploring a wide tunnel, lined with huge columns, and covered by small circular holes, which contained more leech-like enemies. Sithdar scouted ahead, guiding the characters around all but two of the holes, where they killed the beasts that came out. At the end of the columned path, they discovered a fungus-filled chamber and a mazelike section of corridor that went south. To the south they found one room with a small pool of water and signs of rat habitation, but no rats. Further down they came upon a strange pair of creatures. Manticores: with the heads of people but the bodies of lions and wings of bats. At first the monsters attacked, threatening (in their cockney accents) to eat the PCs. A charm spell from Jestyn convinced the male not to, and held his female back enough so that the PCs could talk to them. A rude and crude pair, the manticores were basically just hungry and mean, making frequent raids to the surface to eat cattle and catch the occasional baby. Thinking the small Jimwise to be such a baby, they continuously tried to get at him, but with little success. Though the female demanded that they kill and eat the party, the charmed male argued with her enough that it never happened, and some trade ended up happening, where the PCs gave some of their items in exchange for bits of the manticores treasure. Beyond their lair, the characters found a cavern filled with dozens of rats, which they decimated in a quick battle. On the way back, they debated what to do with the manticores. A vote was cast, and Jestyn was the only one who wanted to let them live, since Jerry detected evil from them and wanted them to eat no more babies. Welby was the first to step back into their cavern, and the hungry female attacked him without provocation. All the others, sans the wizard, attacked, and the male joined in the fight too. While the PCs were hurt some, they eventually slew the evil beasts, and some of the characters took the remaining treasure. (Although Jerry refused to take back the items he had traded to them previously, thinking it dishonorable.)
Afterwards, the party went back to seek out the tomb of Flail again. Yet the doors would not open, and the characters had nobody lawful good who could cast the command spell to open them. They went back to town to procure the necessary scrolls. The trip back was uneventful, and soon they were in the great city of Nenkal once more. As the night progressed, most characters did a little shopping, while Jerry went back to his temple to pray. He was shocked by what greeted him there. The temple of Muir and Thyr was afire, and as he ran inside, Jerry found that the stone and chalice had been stolen by a culprit who broke in through the back wall. Running out through the flames, the paladin rushed towards the temple of all gods. There, he found that Sartorious was in a meeting with High Priestess Karsyla, arranging for the church to join the Temple of All Gods. With him were Jonathan and three new paladins: Jessa, Andor and Phillip. The High priest was shocked to hear the news, and all rushed to the old church to see what could be done. By the time they got there, priests of Obadhai had already put the fires out, though the church was about to collapse. Sartorious was furious, swearing vengeance on whoever did this and promising to root out the evil in the city. Tomorrow rangers would be hired, to track whoever had stolen the relics. Fortunately, the priest had succeeded in gaining admittance to the Temple of All Gods, and a new church of the twin gods was to be built soon. Still, Orcus would pay for this. That night, the paladin slept in the great temple, while the others all stayed at various inns. All slept fairly well, especially Jestyn, who charmed a couple of local women into sleeping with him.  :hat

DM’S COMMENTS: Slower than I had predicted, as the PCs wanted to explore some more of level 2. The manticores were great fun to play, however, and it was fun seeing the wizard try and defend them. As we see from the latest church burning, the cult of Orcus is alive and well!

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