Session 2

The Characters
Pezzel The Candysnatcher: A gnomish monk-wizard (level 3)
Pylor Dashadow: Elf Ranger-Rogue (level 3)
Telok: Elf cleric of Obad-hai (level 3)
Xyun: Human Fighter-Bard, hoping to become a swashbuckler (level 3)
Jimwise Welby: Halfling Paladin (Level 3)

ADVENTURE 2: A RESTLESS NIGHT: The next morning, it still appeared as though a few characters needed healing, and so Telok did his divine duty. Of course, he wanted to rest and regain his gods favor, so they waited some more. That night, they were attacked by three bat-sized mosquito-things, with six wings and wicked syringe mouths. They eventually slew most of the bugs, though they managed to suck the blood out of both the little people, badly hurting the group, who decided to rest another day and regain their lost stamina. That same night, they were again attacked, by a group of ghouls, who was instantly turned to dust by Telok. Another night passed, and during the morning, it appeared as though some more ghouls were nearby, though they didnt come out of the woods in the daylight. That day passed by without event, and soon the players were ready to head back inside. In the burial halls, they went into the secret room and down the stairs, to the must cavern beyond, where a small room housed a murky pool and a single door. Xyun could tell by the droppings near the pool that large frogs lived within, though to his knowledge they were likely not violent. Also, he recalled a few old legends of the frog god Tsathogga, evil demon lord of all amphibians, who was said to writhe endlessly in a pool at the mouth of the river Styx, where he lay mired in his own filth, and his minion followers prayed that they would be the next to be eaten by him. The adventurers journeyed beyond this room, past a sinkhole above, and into a large cavern, where a ledge led off somewhere to the south, and a patch of sunken ground lay to the northeast. A few passages led off too, though one was blocked by rubble and the other a dead end. In the depression, they discovered a hole leading off somewhere, though as there were signs of digging down there, the party avoided that area for now, and decided to take a little breather while they debated their next course of action.

DM’S COMMENTS: Damn short game, basically just some random encounters. I repeatedly got low rolls as the PCs rested, resulting in several random encounters in one night. In the stirge battle, I kept getting critical hits, while the PCs kept missing. The paladin had eight constitution points drained, and the monk had four. All from just three stirges.

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