Session 7

The Characters

Telok: Elf cleric of Obad-hai (level 5) CG
Xyun: Human Fighter-Bard, (level 5) LG
Jimwise Welby: Halfling Paladin (Level 5) LG
Jerry Springwater: Human Fighter-Paladin (Level 4) LN
Jestyn: High Elf Wizard (Level 4) CN

ADVENTURE 7: The Stone and the Chalice: After some more resting at the shrine, the party went back to the burial halls, where they journeyed to the first sub-level and the great cavern on the west side. Three hundred year old memories told Jerry that there must be a stairway to the second floor somewhere herehe recalled that it had been in the north wall; but apparently, the earth had shifted so much that the passage was completely blocked off. Jerry insisted that they explore a nearby hole in a depression, showing signs of digging. Telok, however, decided to use his new clerical powers to stone-shape the blocked off passage, though to little effect, as he did not have enough power to clear his way through fully. They decided to descend into the hole. As they did so, a large insect burrowed up from the ground, attacking the party. It picked up Jimwise in its mandibles, and almost ate the halfling before the party was able to fell it. Now they descended into the hole, finding that it did indeed lead to some stairs.
At the bottom of these stairs was a vast cave, with a tunnel leading south and an incredibly tall ceiling. To the north, a ledge could be seen, some thirty feet above the ground, leading off to other tunnels. But first, the PCs inspected the west wall, which was no wall at all, but an illusion, which they could easily walk through. A winding and dark tunnel lead onward, to another empty room containing only a blank wall. Again, this was a false wall, disappearing as they looked at it in disbelief. Beyond it was a glorious and holy tomb, a brightly lit and clean site containing the graves of many brave paladins. A font bubbled forth holy water, which the characters eagerly took to use against the undead, and further into the tomb, they found their goal. The stone of Tircople and the Chalice of Elenir rested atop platforms, surrounding a tomb of a most holy warrior. After saying a prayer, Xyun and Jerry each took one of the artifacts, swearing to return them to their temple. Before leaving the tombs, the wizard Jestyn considered looking inside some of them, but after being chastised by the others, he avoided such a sacrilegious action. Some their number wounded from the insect attack, the party ascended back to the caves of level one.
Before leaving, they briefly cleaned out a desecrated tomb near the large cavern, laying four animated skeletons to rest, and taking as evidence the occult necklaces the skeletons wore. As they were about to leave the burial halls, Jerry picked up a stone and threw it towards the once holy fountain room on the entry level. Three blood-covered skeletons rushed at the party, and all were lucky to get out alive, wisely deciding to not fight them. Yet their worries were far from over.
Making their way back through the spidery forest, the lead paladin suddenly fell into a covered pit, disappearing from sight. Telok screamed out as he saw a monstrous being leap out from the trees: the one-eyes troll, who had previously escaped death at the partys hands. This time, however, the troll wasnt much trouble. He was easily subdued by one of Jestyns magical jokes, causing him to roll on the ground in uncontrollable laughter. The rest of the party kept hacking away at him until he attacked no more, and Jerry was able to leap out of the pit when his halfling friend threw him the ring of jumping. Yet the troll wasnt dying, even when they beheaded him. His body kept regenerating. Finally, Xyun recalled the old tales, which said that one must burn a troll. He lit the body on fire, along with the head (which taunted him all the while), and the troll was no more. Tired, the heroes soon made their way back to Nenkal city, and presented the stone and chalice to Sartorious, high priest of Thyr. The priest took them gladly, saying that now their religion might once again aspire to greatness, and thanking the heroes wholeheartedly. The church offered them each a magical item of modest power, along with the promise of glory and fame. Sartorious spoke a bit more of their further quest, saying that they should bring back a body of an Orcus priest, as proof that they still existed. He also mentioned another floor of the burial halls, which could supposedly be reached from somewhere beyond the blood fountain. When questioned about purifying the fountain, he told them that to do so they had to destroy whatever shrine of Orcus was powering it. He suggested that they seek out more of the caverns, finding clues to the fate of Abysthor.

DM’S COMMENTS: Remarkably productive game for the short time. Brundle the Troll wasn’t so tough, really, as most of their ACs were high enough that he couldn’t get his rend attack in. Anyway, things are progressing well.

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