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  • Tomb of the Colossus Gods - 5e Campaign
    Publisher: Lion Banner Games


    Tomb of the Colossus Gods is a dark epic fantasy campaign & setting designed for the world´s greatest role-playing game. 

    It was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and we are pleased to release it in Digital Format. 

    It features 420 pages containing high-quality art illustrations, 6 new classes, 30 plus new weapons and spells, plus enemy stat blocks, etc. 

    The campaign takes the players from levels 1-10 and beyond. 

    To complement the Digital release, we have developed a Foundry VTT module and 130+ battlemaps to enhance your game within the story´s locations.:lang="en-us"> 


     Rise! Heroes, rise!

    Join our quest, with the heroes who are set to embark on an epic journey across the desolate Land of Decay, an island where new cults and dark sorcery thrive with the discovery of temples and tombs, beneath its Ashen Desert.

    The quest of the players is set in motion by the Mage Damastrius to uncover the mysteries of theTombs of the Colossus Gods that are buried deep below the Ageless City. It is here that time was brought to a standstill, millennia ago.

    Along their journey, they will encounter terrible adversaries and battle against the Mage Kalastromo who has amassed an army of followers in an attempt to return to the Ageless City and awaken the Colossus Gods.

    Pledge your allegiance and join the quest to restore time to the Ageless City and destroy Kalastromo and his army of followers.

    You must prevent the awakening of the Colossus Gods at all costs!

    Join the fight!







    Form Fillable Character Sheet

    Posters: Land of Decay, City of Deepwell and Ageless City

    Bonus Content: Battlemap Guide, NPC Guide, Weapon Guide and Guide to Dragasi Language. 


    Tomb of the Colossus Gods - 5e CampaignPrice: $30.50 Read more »
  • Tomb of the Colossus Gods Battlemap Bundle - 130+ map files
    Publisher: Lion Banner Games



    This bundle includes the full collection of 3D created battlemaps to play our 5e campaign: Tomb of the Colossus Gods. It was a sucessful Kickstarter project that is now available on DriveThruRpg. For more info on the campaign click here. 

    Below are some sample screens of some of the maps that are included in the bundle. There are tombs, deserts, underground city, altars, barracks, temples, etc. 


    Tomb of the Colossus Gods Battlemap Bundle - 130+ map filesPrice: $15.00 Read more »
  • Adventures in ADHD Creature Token Pack
    Publisher: Awfully Queer Heroes

    30 Creature tokens for use with either the Adventures in ADHD module or any other TTRPG


    Adventures in ADHD Creature Token PackPrice: $6.11 Read more »
  • Adventures in ADHD Soundscapes
    Publisher: Awfully Queer Heroes

    Soundscape of 4 tracks, each an hour long to set the ambiance of areas within the adventure

    Adventures in ADHD SoundscapesPrice: $12.21 Read more »
  • Fearsome Foes: Brine Queen PF1
    Publisher: Rusted Iron Games

    Fearsome Foes: Brine Queen PF1

    • Author: James Abendroth
    • Game System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
    • Format:  PDF Digital Download
    • Pages: 10
    • Price: $2.99

    Welcome to Fearsome Foes: Brine Queen. Fearsome Foes is a series of short PDFs that each feature a single villain or villainous group to challenge the player characters in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns. The villains presented are suitable to be used as either one-shot or recurring foes. In addition to the main villains, each volume will contain enough supporting material that they should be ready to include in your game with little or no extra preparation. This volume presents The Brine Queen, a powerful sea hag with conquest and revenge on her mind and a small nation of sahuagin at her back. A group of 4 PCs who wish to take on the Brine Queen and her sahuagin army should be approximately 12th level.

    Fearsome Foes: Brine Queen PF1Price: $2.99 Read more »
  • Urban Locale #02: Sage's Study
    Publisher: Raging Swan Press

    Urban Locale #02: Sage's Study provides you—the busy, time-crunched GM—with the details to effortlessly bring to life the urban locales in your campaign.

    Are you a busy GM? Does session prep take too long? Do you never have time to work on the cool little details that can bring your adventures, dungeons and campaign to life? This short, focused compilation gives you, the time-crunched GM, the tools to effortlessly add verisimilitude and detail to your dungeons. Use the material herein either before or during play and bask in your players' adulation.

    The download for this book comprises a print-optimised PDF (for your printer, laptop or tablet) and a .txt file (for your VTT).

    A System Neutral GM's Resource designed to be used both during preparation or actual play with any fantasy roleplaying game.
    Urban Locale #02: Sage's StudyPrice: $1.75 Read more »
  • AEDCC001 - Aztlan Transitions
    Publisher: Fat Dragon Games

    Included in this set of terrain you will find 36 remixed Aztlan and FDG-Dungeons tiles. There are also 4 development files for additional remixing by other artists. 







    AEDCC001 - Aztlan TransitionsPrice: $1.00 Read more »
  • Maps: Gold River Canyon
    Publisher: Evil Robot Games

    The Gold River Canyon has steep cliffs and a winding river. The canyon is perfect for aerial search and rescue, river rafting, or an ambush by airship pirates, only the GM knows for sure.

    Gold River Canyon

    This package contains a full-resolution 300 dpi map for printing and also includes a 70 dpi version for use in your favorite VTT.

    The Golden Age of Steam is here for all your Wild West, Steam Punk, and Victorian gaming needs.

    Maps: Gold River CanyonPrice: $3.99 Read more »
  • Skirmisher Update Winter 2023 (Discounts, Sales, Previews)
    Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing

    We hope 2023 has started off well for you and appreciate the chance to tell you about things Skirmisher Publishing is doing, give you some exclusive discounts at DriveThruRPG, and provide information about 50% off print copies of some of our books! This update includes: 

    ● 50-80% discounts on six bestselling titles at DriveThruRPG as a way to introduce you to product lines of ours you might not yet be familiar with!  

    ● Information about our new and already-bestselling TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) and the first two supplements for it, “On the Plane of Magma” and “A Violet Shade of Death,” and 50% off DriveThruRPG discount codes for all three of them. We also provide a detailed example of game play for this simple, intuitive, and easy-to-learn game, and four sample characters for it.

    ● Descriptions and links on the Skirmisher Publishing store for 50% off print copies of six publications, our OGL editions of “Experts,” “Warriors,” “Creatures of the Tropical Wastes,” and “The Noble Wild,” and two issues of our d-Infinity multi-platform game supplement, “Volume 1: The Adventure Begins” and “Volume 2: Lost Treasure.”

    ● Descriptions and links on the Skirmisher Publishing store for 50% off sets of our hand-painted resin “Orcs of the Triple Death” miniatures. 

    ● Updated publishing and contact information. 

    Skirmisher Update Winter 2023 (Discounts, Sales, Previews)Price: $0.50 Read more »
  • Stock Map: Jungle - Riverside Camouflage
    Publisher: Grim Press

    Whether you're poling down the river, cutting your way through the jungle or walking on one of the few paths you will struggle to see the hidden huts & guards with in on this Jungle - Riverside Camouflage map!

    Map Preview

    This product includes GRID & NO-GRID versions, each 40x40 squares at 70dpi, 150dpi, and 300dpi. It can be used in personal projects or commercial products (see License below).



    Purchase of this product allows you non-exclusive use of these maps in an unlimited number of commercial products. The maps can be altered, modified, cropped, or combined, but must maintain their original resolution. When using the map in a commercial product, you must credit Grim Press as an artist or cartographer in an appropriate location within your supplement and on the product's page. This license only allows you to include our maps in your commercial product. You may not: take credit for the map's creation, sell the map on its own, or otherwise redistribute the map as part of a product or bundle where the map is primary asset included.


    Join our Discord & let us know:


    Stock Map: Jungle - Riverside CamouflagePrice: $2.99 Read more »

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