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OotS News949: Method Doctor

Source: 949: Method Doctor
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GnomeStew NewsKeeping Interest During a Busy Spell

Keeping Interest During a Busy Spell

Lately I’ve been a little busy at work. You see, I don’t have full time employment. Instead I work a handful of part time jobs. A few weeks ago one of my coworkers had an emergency and I had to pick up as much extra work to cover their shifts as possible. I managed to cut back at a few other jobs and add hours where they were needed, but my schedule was very tight. Then a coworker at another job moved on to a […]
Source: Keeping Interest During a Busy Spell
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GnomeStew NewsTroy’s Crock Pot: Plan then infiltrate

Troy’s Crock Pot: Plan then infiltrate

Looking for a change-of-pace scenario for a longstanding campaign? Consider an infiltration encounter that requires nonlethal solutions against friendly, or at least neutral, opponents. It’s the sort of single-session event that can satisfy a group that needs a break from the traditional kill the monster loot the dungeon routine. Players who’ve created combat monkeys might find their characters stretched to complete some of the tasks, but on the other hand, characters with noncombat skills will get the chance to shine. The setup: This can be […]
Source: Troy’s Crock Pot: Plan then infiltrate
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GnomeStew NewsThe Reunion without the Epic

The Reunion without the Epic

You don’t always have to raise the stakes. Recently, I got a call from an old gaming friend who was coming to town for a few days and wanted to game with “the old group” again. As it happens I am able to pull everyone together for a one-shot session and I dusted off the characters from a favorite campaign. I fired up the old computer and began musing about the epic adventure I was going to write. Unfortunately, the characters had been on so […]
Source: The Reunion without the Epic
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SlyFlourish NewsRandom Mundane Magic Item Generator

This page provides a randomly generated list of one hundred single-use mundane magical items for the fantasy roleplaying game of choice. You can view or print out the list of 100 magic item list or us
Source: Random Mundane Magic Item Generator
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