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August 28, 2016, 12:00:02 pm by SlyFlourish News | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

Sly Flourish's Vampires

Vampires make outstanding villains. These creatures of the night walk among us and yet are not us. Their intellect, moralities, wisdom, and villainy are beyond mortal comprehension. Vampires make fant
Source: Sly Flourish's Vampires
August 26, 2016, 04:00:58 am by Paizo News | Views: 6 | Comments: 0

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forbidden Jungle ($14.99)

Whether you're searching for a lost relic hidden within remnants of an ancient empire or fleeing the violence of a hungry tribe of cannibals, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forbidden Jungle has you covered. Each side of the Flip-Mat features the thick foliage of dense rainforests hiding savage tribes, terrible traps, and hidden riches. One side features the twisting highlands of the jungle with winding paths overlooking rushing rivers while the second uncovers a hidden enclave of jungle dwellers! Don't waste your time sketching when you could be playing. With Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forbidden Jungle, you'll be ready next time your players want to hack their way into danger amid uninviting lands.

This portable, affordable map measures 24" x 30" unfolded, and 8" x 10" folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, Pathfinder Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal!

On tabletops across the world, the Flip-Mat Revolution is changing the way players run their fantasy roleplaying games! Why take the time to sketch out ugly scenery on a smudgy plastic mat when dynamic encounters and easy cleanup is just a Flip away?

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-934-9

Source: Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forbidden Jungle ($14.99)
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Support Gnome Stew On Patreon – Help Us Make Awesome Articles

Support Gnome Stew On Patreon – Help Us Make Awesome Articles

Three weeks ago, at Gen Con, I got to wear the Golden ENnie award medal for Gnome Stew’s Best Website award. I very nearly had a legendary wardrobe malfunction to prove it. Receiving the ENnie is a huge honor, and one that I am very proud I get to be a part of. Our Gnome Stew […]
Source: Support Gnome Stew On Patreon – Help Us Make Awesome Articles
August 25, 2016, 07:01:02 am by DriveThruRPG | Views: 11 | Comments: 0

Star Map 02

Star Map 02Publisher: DramaScape
Rating: 4
A nice space map containing a planet with a nebula in the background. The product contains a 67 page pdf with instructions and 62 pages of maps - including hex, square, and no grid options for printing. MapTool and other VTT users will also find a jpg file for use in virtual gaming.

The map was created for a war-gaming scenario titled Space Refugees but it is easily adaptable for other needs, including a scenario backdrop for a space adventure. It's a nice product for the price.
Source: Star Map 02
August 24, 2016, 10:00:02 am by GnomeStew News | Views: 11 | Comments: 0

The Characters Are the Story

The Characters Are the Story

Today’s guest article is about one of my favorite topics, characters. When it comes to roleplaying, characters are prime and their stories are the ones being told. Craig Dedrick takes a look at a method of character creation that focuses on the characters’ and their stories. Check it out. — A Character in Real Life […]
Source: The Characters Are the Story
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