ADVENTURE 19: Descent into the Dungeon

The Characters

Telok: Elf cleric of Obad-hai, divine disciple, level 11 CG
Jerry Springwater: Human Fighter-Paladin-Justicar, Level 10 LG
Jestyn: High Elf Wizard, Level 10 NE
Verrof: Earth Genasi Ranger-Foe Hunter, Level 8 LN, ECL 9
Sithdar Darkblade: Human Rogue-Assassin, Level 10 NE

ADVENTURE 19: Descent into the Dungeon: While waiting for the temple of Obad-Hai to prepare the earth blood, the PCs did various things: a little shopping, where Verrof bought Jerry some new armor, also trading in his old bracers for some gauntlets of ogre power. Verrof decided to join the church of St. Cuthbert, sitting in on a few sermons and pledging to retrieve the legendary Mace for them. The others did a little shopping. Jimwise soon spoke with the PCs, introducing them to his new mount: a talking dog named Roger. Finally, Telok got back the newly enchanted earth blood, and the PCs got on the boat to the Isles of Norrek. It was a four day journey, dull and boring in the extreme. Telok, with his earth-loving hippie mentality, tried offering Verrof some marijuana. The disciplined undead hunter just threw it overboard. Soon the murky and unpleasant isle of Corregon came into sight, the home of the legendary dungeon. The boat was docked in Port Grinetos, the only inhabitable city on the isle, a settlement of traders and adventurers.
At the docks they were greeted by a local priest of Nerrull. Sensing the mans evil, Jerry immediately left, ignoring him. He was followed by everyone but Sithdar, who recognized the man as his assassins guild contact here, a fellow who had long ago hired him to kill the local jeweler. Apparently the evil priest was also the local lawyer. He gave Sithdar five sheets of legal paperLast Wills and Testaments for all of the heroes to sign. As they were going to enter Rappan Athuk, the priest figured the PCs would need these, in order to determine what was done with their bodies and possessions once they died. Telok, Jerry and the tiny Jimwise Welby refused to sign themthe others did, some even arranging for tombstones to be made for them. At this time, Telok wandered off to look at the town. He went to the wizards tower, and seeing no entrance decided to dispel whatever magic hid the doorway. As he did this a guard came up to him, stopping any further efforts. The guard informed Telok that this was Memnors tower, Memnon being a local wizard. Supposedly, the general store owner Mike could get him a meeting. Talking to Mike, who owned General Mikes General Store, Telok decided not to get a meeting with the wizard, instead opting to get his Druid Vestments identified. He also heard about the local tavern, reputedly a good place for rumors.
Meanwhile, Sithdar, Jestyn and Verrof were at the tavern. Immediately, Sithdar saw a familiar face: Snaggletooth the fairy dragon, the tiny multi-colored dragon who he had saved from Scramges magic box on his first journey to Rappan Athuk. They talked for a while, glad to see each-other, while Snaggletooth introduced himself to the others. Meanwhile, the two paladins checked out the local temple (which sadly didnt have a shrine to their gods), and made sure there was no trouble in town. Then Telok came into the tavern, in a fairly bad mood. Annoyed by the verbose fairy dragon, Telok insulted Snaggletooth, only to find that the dragon was quite skilled with insults. After talking with Sithdar and Verrof for a little, Snaggletooth decided to go into the dungeon with them. The party then went out and got the paladins.
Outside of town, they took the western road south, avoiding the east road, for it was known to lead to Illiak Beach, an unwholesome town of half-breed fish-men. Going south, they passed a spongy marsh, where they could see the hut of the local hermit. Beyond that were some hills which they camped at, destroying some strange demonic summoning circles they found there. The next day the characters walked through a moor, seeing some large shadowy cats (displacer beasts) lurking in the distance. Deciding he wanted one as a familiar, Jestyn demanded the party go back and find some special herbs he needed for the ritual. Back to the marsh they went, searching for the elusive Gungara Root. They found a little of it, but not enough. When they spoke with the nearby hermit, he offered to give them some if Verrof made him some good brownies. He volunteered to do this, despite the hermits apparent madness. Jestyn, however, decided it would be better to return to Port Grinetos and purchase some. Another day passed. Back in town, the general store had only about half the quantity of herbs Jestyn needed to summon his familiar, so he ordered the rest and was told to return in a week.
Afterwards, the characters were off to Rappan Athuk. Finally going down the south road, they passed the moor and the tiny village beyond it, crossing a river and stopping briefly at a strange red obelisk that rose up out of the ground. A small grave was at its base. (The grave of Kerit, a former PC monk killed in my previous RA game). Verrof knew that this site was likely a holy site to Hecate, a goddess whose followers had once dwelt here in sacred caves. Onward the characters traveled, until the reached the dried up and desiccated marsh where Rappan Athuk was. As they reached the entrance, the sun was setting.
Ignoring the many graves and the well, the characters went straight for the central mausoleum, noticing that some of the nearby rat-holes had a large amount of dried up vines coming from them. At the mausoleum, they were attacked by eight guardian gargoyles who flew down from the roof. The fight was basically a joke. Weakened by Jestyns fireball, the gargoyles were systematically slain by Verrof, a summoned bear of Teloks and Jerry. The heroes barely broke a sweat. Remembering his own death well (see my first Rappan Athuk journal) Sithdar warned the others of the gargoyles eyes, and they spent some time destroying them. Then they took a key from a hidden panel on a statue near the entrance. The key opened up the frightful mausoleum, and the characters entered. Knowing about the black skeleton lurking in the coffin inside, they pushed it open and destroyed the weak undead monster within seconds. Finding the secret tunnel leading to level one, they pushed it open and began the walk down the deep shaft.

DM’S COMMENTS: Not the most productive session. It started a little slow and we had to end early. Still, I got to hand out the Last Will and Testamant forms, and the PCs made it to the dungeon. At their level, the gargoyles were incredibly easy, and the battle lasted two turns. The lone black skeleton was equally pathetic. I doubt the upper levels will be very hard for them, but the low floors still promise great pain. Don’t expect to see any PC deaths soon, but trust me, they will come.

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