Adventure 28: Dragon On

Adventure 28: Dragon On: This session began as a wedding ceremony was held for Verrof and his new wife Madeline. In the Temple of All Gods, it was a lovely occasion where they both swore official wedding vows in front of High Priestess Karsyla. Afterwards a party was held, with drinks and food for all, along with some pleasant dancing. All of the PCs came, including Telok, who brough a fellow cleric of Obad-Hai as his date, a young lady named Moon Dove.
Later that night, Jerry met with Karsyla in one of her personal chambers. Here they spoke for a while, flirting while sipping some fine elven wine. She made the first move on him, starting with a kiss. He followed, and soon they were making out, caught up in the flow of passion. Jerry broke it off, deciding not to go too far with her yetas he was an honorable and decent man, and wanted something good to come of this relationship. Bidding her good night, he promised to see her later. Verrof, meanwhile, quite enjoyed his second wedding night.
The next day was spent mainly with Telok trying to woo his new sweetheart, the nature priestess Moon Dove. He had some trouble at first, but managed to impress her a bit with a gift. Then the characters got ready to leave, but not before they had Arnold the armorer forge a small mace for Verrof from the living rock they found. Afterwards the party teleported back to Corregon isle, wishing to search for the final piece of the holy sword.
A bit of research told them that it was probably on the isle of Balevor, a swampy island which the history books said had been ravaged by a fire-breathing beast many years ago. Three teleports in a row failed, as Jestyn was unable to fully concentrate on his magical spells. The PCs ended up traveling to various different beaches before finally teleporting to the correct one.
The shore of Balevor was covered in a fine gray ash. Further inland was a town, completely wrecked, covered in the same ash, its buildings full of holes. Scattered about the ground were gigantic reptilian footprints. Jerry sent his falcon up to scan the land, and it discovered that the towns largest building had a huge hole in the ceiling, possibly the entrance to some beasts lair. Jeb then went ahead to search the buildings door for traps. He found a single trap, which he disarmed. The dwarf returned, saying that he could hear something large moving inside of the building. Thinking it must be a dragon, the party went a distance away and prepared, mainly with buffing spells and fire resistance. It was indeed a dragon, a red one, a huge and powerful beast that nearly killed Jerry in the first round of combat. He was saved by a heal spell. A cold spell from Jestyn hurt the thing greatly, as did the warriors swords and maces. Yet when the dragon grew weak, it simply flew up, out of the hole in the roof, to fight the characters from the air. Happily, Telok was able to air-walk most of the party, while Jestyn levitated himself on level with the dragon. Meanwhile, it cast several lightning bolts at the characters, and used its fire-breath once. As the battle took to the skies, Jerry and Verrof flanked the dragon. Panicked, the beast attacked Verrof, ripping him up with its wings and sending him to the edge of death. Jerry was able to slay it, however, ending the monsters life with his powerful sword. Before it died, however, the dragon swore that its mommy would come and kill them all. Its body plummeted to the ground, crashing through the building that had been its lair. Jestyn saved Verrof before he died, pouring a healing potion down his throat. They searched the dragons small treasure horde, finding much gold, gems and pieces of art, as well as a wand of lightning, but no sword fragment. A divination revealed that a dragon on this island did indeed possess the sword piece. Thus, they figured it must be this dragons mother.
Finding a trail of gold and gems leading from the village, the characters followed it to a large, dried-up hill in the middle of the island, surrounded by rocky wastelands. Smoke poured from its depths. They decided to send Jeb in to retrieve their item, not wishing to fight whatever immense beast lurked in the cave. Invisible and silenced, the rogue went inside. Many minutes later he returned, carrying their final sword fragment, as well as a glorious crown and a music box, which he kept for himself.
The characters then returned to Navarres temple in the grassy southern hills of Corregon Isle. Descending down, Jerry found the anvil-altar and taking a hammer he had bought, began working on repairing his sword. As he blessed the hammer, it began to work. It took him hours and hours to perfect his technique, but at the end of the day the sword of Divine Justice was fixedbrilliant white and glimmering with hundreds of sacred runes, its hilt was ivory and its magic was evident. He took it in hand, ready to fight evil with a new fervor. (Yet still there was an empty slot in the blade, where the gem Muirs Tear was supposed to fit. Supposedly it lay with Navarres mistress, in a mysterious tomb in Rappan Athuk).
Content with this days victory, the characters returned to town, doing little besides buying Jerry an off-hand sword. Telok also tried impressing Moon Dove by giving her a piece of the dragon they had killed, but ended up insulting the nature-lover when he described how he had killed the thing in its own lair. When she hesitated to take the bracelet he wished to give her, he was very angry and irritated by her respect for the dragons life. Their relationship fizzled as quickly as it started.

DM COMMENTS: They have finally found the holy sword, but Navarre yet awaits. Will they find him soon? You will have to see. This adventure was ok for storyline completion, but it went a little slow and lots of time was wasted in town. The next game’s report will be up tonight, as I’m a little behind on them.

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