ADVENTURE 37: Akbeth Freed

The Characters

Jerry Springwater: Human Fighter-Paladin-Justicar, Level 14 LG
Jestyn: High Elf Wizard, Level 14 NG
Verrof: Earth Genasi Ranger-Foe Hunter, Level 13 LG, ECL 14
Kirian Ylestos: Human Figher-Barbarian, Level 12 CG
Relan: High Elf Cleric of Heironeus, Level 11 LG

ADVENTURE 37: Akbeth Freed: After a few days spent in town (shopping, socializingand waiting for our pizza to come in real life). The characters decided to cast a legend lore spell and find out where Akbeth was to be found. Supposedly her stone form could be found beyond the Mithril Gates on level 9A, guarded by a powerful hydra. Jestyn decided to do a bit of research, finding that it was a pyrohydra, and that they were especially weak against ice and acid. A divination revealed that the beast was also a learnan hydra, and so it could only be killed by sealing its heads with acid. Thus, the characters stocked up on some acid vials. They eventually teleported back to level 9a and followed the underground river north for many hours, until they reached the great mithril gates. With his magic helm, Kirian could read the writing on thema kind of poem that gave direction to opening the gates. Relan blessed the water, figuring it would open the gates, and it did. They swung open, and the gigantic hydra on the other side attacked. They fought a long battle, though the characters were quick enough to behead all of the hydras twelve heads before it could regenerate too many. They sealed the stumps with acid, and a final blow from Kirian chopped it in half and killed it. They found a waterfall going downward here, and taking wind form using magic, they sailed downward.
This took them to a large underground lake with an island in the center of it. Here they found a statue of living rock, depicting a beautiful woman of exotic features. Jestyn removed the vial of earthblood and poured it over the statue. Immediately the rock melted away, revealing the woman beneath. It was indeed Akbeth, and she was rather surprised to see her rescuers, even more surprised that so much time had passed. She asked about her beloved Agamemnon, the wizard who she had fallen in love with, who promised to stay by her side and watch over her. The PCs agreed to help find him, should he still be alive after so many years. First, however, they took Akbeth back to the temple of Obad Hai, where she spoke with the treant high-priest and took care of the details of Teloks old questdissolving the faith of the dead goddess Hecate.
Afterwards, Akbeth described the Jestyn where she though Agamemnon might bea cave in Rappan Athuk where they often met, where he said he would wait for her. It could be reached from the giant cavern of level 10a, in a place behind an enormous waterfall. Nearby was another passage that led to the tomb of some ancient wizard. Jestyn successfully teleported the party to this ledge, and the cleric was able to spot the tunnels entrance. A door blocked it, unlike what Akbeth remembered. Opening this door, they headed up then down, through a series of interconnected stairwells. Eventually they came down into a strange room with five pillars. Suddenly, they heard a crash from above, as the exit closed. The characters investigated the pillars. Each one told the story of a man named Agamemnonof his rise to power, his love of Akbeth, and various other details, finally saying how he had gone mad and became a vampire. The characters briefly spoke of possibly restoring him to life with a wish, and then the session ended.

DM’S COMMENTS: The party finally completed Telok’s old quest, minus Telok. Though the module really didn’t talk about freeing Akbeth, I figured that something like the earthblood (from Tomb of Abysthor) could do it, especially given an extra enchantment. Plus, it makes for a cool quest. The Hydra was rather easy, though only because they did their research and prepared for hte battle. Otherwise, somebody could easily have died. The session got off to a really slow start, however, so we didn’t get to do as much as we wanted to.

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