ADVENTURE 40: A Narrow Victory

ADVENTURE 40: A Narrow Victory: This session began with a bit of role-playing. Kirian, finding that his little sister Lindsey was long-dead (turned into a zombie by Gudmund) went to the temple and forked over almost all of his money to have Karsyla use a miracle and revive her. Soon, the eight year old was back to life, barely remembering anything of her hellish ordeal. The rest of his time in the city was spent watching over his sisters and making sure they were all right. Jerry spent time with Tara and Karsyla, learning that the high priestess was also having strange nightmares of a two-headed demon with tentacles. They became closer during this time, as Jerry stayed with her for a night.
Eventually the party was ready to destroy the temple. They headed past the slave pits and into a large hallway, some being affected by a curse here. This led into a large room with a horrible statue of Orcus. Several evil clerics were here, along with a powerful Balor demon, which soon summoned a Marilith. The battle went badly for the warriors. Kirian was hit by a harm spell and killed soon after. Jerry died the same way. Verrof tried attacking the high priest, but only knocked himself out! Jeb was soon taken out as well, though not killed. Jestyn and Akbeth won the battle. He managed to charm about half the priests, and she turned into a titan and killed the others. Verrof was soon revived and helped them finish the dangerous fight. The Balor was banished early on, and the Marilith later. The battle could have easily been lost, but they managed to succeed in the end. They soon destroyed the Orcus statue and found a lever in its foot. When pulled, it opened a secret door in the back of the room that led to some stairs going down.
The party teleported back. Everyone was raised, though now the players were very low on money. Kirian used the last of his coins to get his little sister raised by a miracle. After bit more socializing, romance and role-playing in town, the session ended.

DM’S COMMENTS: Despite the short entry (I was feeling tired when I wrote it) this was a fun session, with plenty of death. Those harm spells were incredibly deadly for the warriors, and as we see, Verrof fumbled again! Still, they’re getting close to their goal. The next session’s log will be up soon, where the players discover St. Cuthbert’s mace and meet an old villain.

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