(Written from the House on the Rock club, Cloudia, the day after the eruption.)

During the past few years, all of you have likely seen many strange and unbelievable things. The world, they say, was nearly destroyed. The race of dragons has passed from this world. The population of a whole city was slain and then brought back to life. A god arose, intent on destroying your world and all you care for. But in the end, all was right. The dark god fell from power, his minions meeting the deaths destined for them, and through the heroics of numerous people, the world was saved yet again. In the time that followed the banishing of the darkness dragon, I have heard some rumors saying that I am dead. Clearly they are rather exaggerated. Where I am and what exactly occurred in that strange cavern where we fought the horrid god shall be revealed later in these pages. I have written before of how none of us are truly mortal, about how we all have the spark in us, the potential for greatness; to rise up above our common origins, seize what is ours by right and destiny, take from the gods of this land something far greater than what we were born with. In the past I have speculated these things. Now I know. Read on, good people, and you shall know as well.

-Huron Blackheart

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