I write to you today to give you hope. I know that many of you are survivors of the recent disasters; the flood of Guardia, the eruption at Reatoc, the massacre at Lockinton, or other horrors of an equally devastating nature. I know that most of you have suffered, due to the actions of petty kings, mad wizards, perverse gods or insane demons. The world is a cruel place. I know that as much anyone knows it. But I also know that you can overcome that. From my own personal experiences I know that even the smallest person can grow, can rise above all the slime and debris in their life to become a hero or more. The world may kick you in the ass, reader. Kick it back; and know that you are not alone in today’s chaotic world. Know that there are people out there watching, helping, fighting the darkness around us that seems so all-consuming. So please, dear readers, look over this pamphlet that you see. Take some time to read it. Read my story, and maybe it can inspire you in telling your own.


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