Session 11

ADVENTURE 11: EMBRACE OF THE DUNG MONSTER: Exploring the area, the characters discovered that the tunnel lead to some stairs, probably going to level four. They decided on caution, avoiding further descent and returning back to town to restock. On the way back, they realizes that the door to this chamber had somehow locked behind them, and that no keyhole was to be found. Tyro got around this problem by Stone-Shaping a passage through the nearby wall, avoiding the door entirely. They made their way quiet easily past the third level, and up to the first, where they decided to clear away the rocks that had barred their way in one of the first rooms, having the cleric use his powers to move away the stone. He only got about half way through when the spell ended, forcing him to rest again to re-pray for it. As he did so, the dung monster appeared again, attacking the resting characters! Most were able to get away from the fecal horror, but not Sithdar, who tried to sneak around it, put was spotted and engulfed. For some time he languished in Dungies mass, slowly being devoured, along with a few of Tyos ghouls. In terror, the assassin used a wish from his ring, wishing himself insubstantial and ethereal. He escaped the clutches of Dungie, and ran to where the others were, now completely covered in crap. They then left the dungeon, this time successfully picking the lock and leaving before the crushing trap could slay anyone. Outside, however, the gargoyles attacked! They quickly killed the poorly protected Plendok, ripping his throat out and snapping his neck. Furious George died with him, collapsing atop his masters corpse. The others easily defeated their adversaries, however, and mourned little for their accomplice, who had proven both useless and unpleasant. They then left the area, heading back to Port Grinetos, where they spent a few days resting and buying fascinating new items with Scramges treasure. Joseph discovered that his new shield was actually made out of rust monster scales; a valuable if dangerous item. Ashrem and Tyro, meanwhile, took the mysterious teakwood box to Memnor, the local wizard, whofor a pricerevealed to them a code-word to open it. As they said it, a small dragonlike creature emerged, with colorful shiny scales, and an equally colorful personality. He took a liking to Ashrem, and they soon found that his name was Snaggletooth, a fairy dragon who had been trapped by Scramge after a disastrous card game. Quick-tongued and skillful with magic, the dragon decided to accompany his new friends, though constantly teasing the death priest. Also in town they met with a local druid name Valrilon Maurgen, who had been investigating the odd happenings on his home isle, and had come to the conclusion that the priests of orcus were behind all the trouble. He wished to journey into the dungeon to investigate this secret emerging cult, and wanted some companions, and so he joined the group. The next day they journeyed back to Rappan Athuk, and completed clearing the closed-off passage on the first level, discovering a single unopened coffin, inside of which was a skeleton and its last remaining possessionsa magical short-sword and some scroll. Tyro spoke with the corpse, revealing that his name was Geoffrey, a young soldier who had journeyed here under the leadership of Bofred. They decided to take the body back. Here the session ended.

DM’S COMMENTS: Sadly, they decided to delay level four! (And I had even counted up the miniatures for all the priests…) Still, Dungie had a good showing, nearly killing the rogue, and wasting one of his limited wishes. Plendok died, for no other reason than because he was unarmored and was an easy targed for the flying gargoyles. Now, the fact that the others weren’t willing to raise him was more of a reflection on his terrible personality. Most of this session’s playing time was on shopping, as the players searched for what neat items they could buy with their loot. Next time we might have a bit more action.

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