Session 8

The Characters

Telok: Elf cleric of Obad-hai (level 5) CG
Xyun: Human Fighter-Bard, (level 5) LG
Jimwise Welby: Halfling Paladin (Level 5) LG
Jerry Springwater: Human Fighter-Paladin (Level 4) LN
Jestyn: High Elf Wizard (Level 4) CN

Quests: Discover the fate of Abysthor, Find proof of the cult of Orcus, Find Jebs brother, Fix up the Filthy Harlot Tavern (Xyun).

ADVENTURE 8: Just Rewards: As a reward for finding the Stone and Chalice, each character received an item of their choosing. Jerry had his blade enchanted with electrical powers, Jestyn received an Ioun stone that raised his intelligence, while Xyun took eight thousand gold to help him buy a partnership in the Filthy Harlot Tavern. Telok also took the money, not knowing what he wanted. Jimwise, feeling generous and pious, donated his gift back to the temple, sacrificing it for the good of all.
The party spent a little time shopping, while Xyun went to the tavern to present Jacko the innkeeper with the needed money to purchase a partnership. As the two made the deal, they made for the carpenters guild to plan the new second floor, leaving Gorbash in charge of the tavern. Just then, Telok walked in, ready to relax and have a drink. Gorbash mixed him the only drink he knew. You Drink it. It Good was the drinks name, a popular Ogre beverage, with the consistency of toothpaste and the color of sewage. One drink made the elf mightily drunk, and a second knocked him right out, leaving him with a terrible hangover and a weakened constitution for a few days. Fortunately, the others brought him out, managing the drag the unconscious cleric to a nearby inn. Outside, Jestyn and his charm wand convinced a local drunk to give up his ways and get a job at Muirs temple. Soon, the PCs were done for the night, and got some sleep.
The next day it was back to the dungeon for them. On the holy road they encountered several ghouls, who proved to be a very small threat indeed. As the ghouls tried climbing down the edges of a cliff and towards the party, Jestyn blasted them with magic missiles, and Telok turned them. Two of them fell off the edge of the cliff, landing right on the unlucky Jerry, nearly crushing him. Though embarrassing, he survived, and the ghouls were soundly beaten.
Back in the burial halls, the party made their way through level 1 and into the central western cavern. Finally, Telok moved aside the rubble blocking the west passage, and the PCs went through. They found little beyond besides another sinkhole and a room full of fungi. Behind some moss in this room they uncovered a rat tunnel. The brave halfling paladin decided to crawl inside. At the end were six giant rats, as big as he! They all attacked, jumping Jimwise Welby. He easily beat them, though spared the life of the final rat who had broken its teeth on his armor. He even tried taming it and convincing it to come along, but it was too scared of the others, and so it ran back into its hole. In the rat lair he found three copper pieces. The party then descended to the third level, making their way westward until they reached the two statues of a dwarf and a female ranger. They freed both of them with scrolls they had bought, and the grateful adventurers thanked the heroes, rewarding them with a magical dagger and a small bag of holding, two magical artifacts. After being lead to the surface, the two promised to spread word of the partys good deeds to all. Next, the characters began their descent to the second level. In the Ankhegs old lair, they found that a recent rain had washed up several items: including an incredibly sharp magical throwing axe and some money. After taking these minor treasures, the characters descended into the second level.

DM’S COMMENTS: Tonight’s game was OK, but not the most combat-heavy or difficult one we’ve had, as both battles were incredibly easy. Some of the PCs’ personal matters were dealt with, like Xyun and his tavern, but in terms of the dungeon it was fairly light. We still plan on playing tuesday, though, so expect another report then.

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