March 16 2017

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  • Dzicz i Potwory Suplement II
    Dzicz i Potwory Suplement IIPublisher: Lumis

    Towary i podróżnicy!

    Drugi dodatek do Dziczy i Potworów oddaje grającym 10 stron, na których znajdą nowe opcje wyposażenia, zasady tworzenia mistrzowsko wykonanych przedmiotów, opcjonalną regułę wyglądu postaci, nowe obszary, nowe statusy postaci oraz zagrożenia związane z niekorzystną pogodą i dziczą.

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  • Worlds of Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood: Choir of Souls
    Worlds of Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood: Choir of SoulsPublisher: Modiphius

    The Castle invades time and time again, trying to blight our world. Fight it back with seven new Explorer playbooks for Rhapsody of Blood!

    Choir of Souls by Maria Rivera brings you seven new Explorer playbooks to use in Rhapsody of Blood. Bring them into your game to add variety to your game, and explore new ways of fighting back the Regent and their minions!

    Digital only. Also includes printable handouts to use in your game.
    Playbooks Included:
    The Assassin is a killer and a poisoner.
    The Captain is a supportive leader and combatant.
    The Joker is a trickster and a jack-of-all-trades.
    The Knight is an honor-bound warrior.
    The Mascot is a sapient animal or creature.
    The Medic is a perceptive healer.
    The Professor is an inventor and a tinkerer.

    This expansion requires Worlds of Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood to play!

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  • Shadowrun: No Future (A Cyberpunk Sourcebook)
    Shadowrun: No Future (A Cyberpunk Sourcebook)Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs


    The voices will be heard. The powers of the Sixth World want to control everything, keeping the world pacified through bland entertainment and milquetoast messages.

    But they can’t keep everyone quiet. People have ideas screaming to get out and the tools to record and spread them. Whether they’re starting a new band, recording guerrilla trid dramas, or launching a pirate tridcast where someone tells the truth for once, they can grab audiences by the throat and get them to listen.

    They’re out of patience, and everyone else is out of time. No Future is the Shadowrun guide to Sixth World culture, including information on music acts, trid movies and series, media sources, and sports, with a look at some of the voices bubbling up from the underground and demanding attention. With detailed setting information and relevant rules, No Future adds new elements and depth to Sixth World role-playing.

    No Future is a cyberPUNK sourcebook that details the culture and everyday life of the Shadowrun setting and is useful for whatever version of Shadowrun you play!

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  • Shadowrun: Chicago Chaos (Anarchy)
    Shadowrun: Chicago Chaos (Anarchy)Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs


    For years, the heart of Chicago has been a wasteland, but not a barren one. Squatters and scroungers compete with ghouls, insect spirits, and creatures that haven’t even been named yet in the quest to carve out a piece of this inhospitable territory for themselves. That’s all changing, though. Some of the powers of the world have decided there might be things of worth inside Chicago’s Containment Zone, so they’re looking to open it up. The fight for the soul of Chicago is on.

    Chicago Chaos contains Contract Briefs, characters, and plot information for Shadowrun: Anarchy players, providing the details and resources needed to let players jump into the chaos, fighting bizarre enemies, digging up pieces of the buried past, and seeing what they can make out of a once-broken city. There are also new qualities and Shadow Amps to help players flesh out their Anarchy characters. Chicago Chaos is for use with Shadowrun: Anarchy.

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  • AEIOUS Cyclopaedia: The Morancan Race
    AEIOUS Cyclopaedia: The Morancan RacePublisher: RAdV Creatives

    The AEIOUS Cyclopaedia series contains glimpses of the history, legends, people, and places of the wide, wild World of AEIOUS.

    The Morancan Race features the physical traits and racial powers of the first of the Posterior Races. It shows a backgrounder on the race's homeland (in the old and modern times), along with its government, climate, and economy.

    The book also contains a featured character, generated with skills, abilities, powers, and personal history complete with details on racial, class, and type benefits. It also has a bonus segment on the Mode Up Optimum Form benefits.


    The World of AEIOUS is a role-playing game inspired by the fast paced action of DBZ and others that it inspired throughout the years. It is designed with an original fantasy world, distinctive races and classes, grand powers, skills, and abilties, supported by a host of legends and stories, and a fighting system that will empower you to enjoy adventuring in old and new settings; using magic, technology, luck and everything that you can get your hands into.

    Prove your mastery as you develop your character's powers, abilities, and techniques in this brave and bold world. Strive to become a master, endure to become a legend, and maybe you might get a whiff of immortality.

    Fight other powerful warriors, defeat monsters, discover new lands, and prove your worth in this new adventure game. Create your own story and become part of the mythos of the world.

    Enter the World of AEIOUS.


    This book is a supplement to the core books: World of AEIOUS: The Player's Guide, The Rules Advocate's Manual, and the Powers of AEIOUS.

    Try the Quickstarter Set today!


    Get all three corebooks and start your legendary adventures!


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  • Seafoot Games - Dry Bones Gorge | 20x30 Battlemap
    Seafoot Games - Dry Bones Gorge | 20x30 BattlemapPublisher: Seafoot Games

    Dry Bones Gorge

    This gorge has earned its name for a reason. It is as dry as cracked, sun-baked bones—and the decaying corpses of those who have died of thirst within its reaches have all too often graced its parched earth, nourishing the starving soil, and luring local monsters in for a feast.


    Adventure Seeds

    • Monsters are eating the corpses of foolish travellers. Upon seeing fresh, and mouth-wateringly succulent fresh, they decide your party is the far richer reward…
    • A wraith bound to haunt her bones attacks your party, claiming to have been slain by the chief of a nearby village—and knowing only that she wants retribution, whatever the cost. If enough travellers die here, she knows that, eventually, the chief will have to come and inspect their deaths himself…
    • A ghost locals know to avoid has been luring travellers to their doom by tricking them into following her into a monster’s lair. But what will she do if your party kills the beast she was using as a tool for her vengeance? An abused woman who killed herself, she was eternally bound to the mortal plain hundreds of years ago by her abuser, but she doesn’t know how much time has passed. Believing he is out of reach of her vengeance, and unable to leave, she vents her fury by killing whoever she can. If someone were to grant her mercy, perhaps they would find the man who did this to her, and bring him here. Short of that, perhaps they would find and bring his bones—doing onto him what was done onto her, so that she might finally have closure…

    What You Will Receive

    A home-printable 20x30 battlemap, compatible with any role-play game, and VTTs such as Roll20.

    Download Contains
    Home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages.
    300dpi .JPEGs of the map for A1 poster printing or VTT.
    72dpi .JPEGs of the map for VTTs.

    Map image

    Map image

    If you enjoyed any of our maps, please leave a review below—or tell us what you’d like to see in the comments!

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  • Oakwood Garrison
    Oakwood GarrisonPublisher: Northern Cartography
    This map pack includes:

    - High Resolution (4200 x 4900 pixels) map, with grid
    - High Resolution (4200 x 4900 pixels) map, with no grid

    Both .png and .jpg file formats.
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  • Seaside Shrine
    Seaside ShrinePublisher: Northern Cartography
    This map pack includes:

    - High Resolution (3500 x 3500 pixels) map, with grid
    - High Resolution (3500 x 3500 pixels) map, with no grid

    Both .png and .jpg file formats.
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  • Church of the Subterrane
    Church of the SubterranePublisher: Northern Cartography
    This map pack includes:

    - High Resolution (3500 x 3500 pixels) map, with grid
    - High Resolution (3500 x 3500 pixels) map, with no grid

    Both .png and .jpg file formats.
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  • The Map of Badendale
    The Map of BadendalePublisher: Creepy Assassin

    Introducing the Map of Badendale, a Setting Supplement for the The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake Roleplaying Game. Originally created by Glenn Joly and updated by Greg Schulze, this map includes the region for the The Society of Masks adventure for the The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake RPG, plus enough areas for many more urban adventures.

    This map supplement and The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake RPG introduces the Gamemaster and Players to a world of sword and sorcery fantasy. This setting can be used in a number of different ways that may fit your gaming style. It can be used as a starting point for adventures in your own home setting, as a reference for expanding this setting for your own uses, or simply as background information when playing The Society of Masks adventure or any future The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake adventures. Pick up your sword and shield, prepare your Wyrm Magic, concentrate on your Psi, and enter the The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake.

    Each square on this map represents 30 feet.

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