March 16 2017

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  • Glory of Kings May 1702 18th century wargames campaign newspaper
    Glory of Kings May 1702 18th century wargames campaign newspaperPublisher: AGEMA

    Vive la Roi! Another glorious issue of the newspaper from's longrunning wargames campaign The Glory of Kings. Set in the 18th century, it's a good read, and provides background and inspiration for you roleplaying and wargaming!

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  • Minimalist Elemental Effects
    Minimalist Elemental EffectsPublisher: Ken Wickham

    This is a mini fire, ice, and electrical damage resolution system for powers, magic, technology, weapons, or natural causes.

    Marfos the wizard fighting with fire powers, angerly attacks the orc caster  using his fire rage.


    He burns deeply into the orc’s ribcage doing major damage.

    This is a minimalist burning, freezing, and shocking damage system. It can be used with the Minimalist: Fear, Disgust, & Madness; Minimalist Martial Arts Strikes; Minimalist Martial Arts Grappling; and/or Minimalist Descriptive Combat systems. Or it may be used on its own.

    One-page, easy, d6 system, no specific stat (uses words), skill-based, and that might be able to be used with several core systems.

    It uses standard d6 dice.

    It is small, only this cover page and one page system.

    It is uses a small amount of words to describe the physical body effects to extreme situations that might make a character burn from fire, freeze from cold, or shock from electricity. Severe degrees of injury result in physical damage may even cause death instantly or soon.

    This uses up to three rolls of 1d6.

    1. Roll once to see if you hit..
    2. Roll for target location of hit.
    3. Roll for intensity of damage.
    There is no rule for when a character dies besides 'instant death' and 'death is soon'. This focuses on the descriptive nature of combat using a few but meaninful words.
    Either creating your own or interpreting a current systems is based on interpreting a few adjectives.
    • This takes into account skill using the words for proficiency of unskilled, basic skilled, skilled, or master skilled.
    • It also allows a modifier for out-of-normal range, but still in range.
    • It uses 3 weapon damage modifiers: light, normal, and heavy elemental force.
    • It uses 4 types of resistance that damage must surpass: no resistance, light resistance, medium resistance, and heavy resistance.
    • Three types of damages are included in this system: burning, freezing, and shocking. Each of the damage types has 6 damage descriptions increasing in damage intensity.
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  • EN5ider #140 - Collegia Magia: Mahala Academy
    EN5ider #140 - Collegia Magia: Mahala AcademyPublisher: EN Publishing
    The Mahala Imperial Academy trains spell casters in the art of war magic. Along with a description of the Academy, in this article you'll find new bonds and flaws, new feats such as Imperial Pyromancy and Occult Informant, outlines of significant NPCs, rumors and plot hooks, random faction conspiracies, and the Imperial Pyromancer stat block.
    This is a continuation of the Collegia Magia series (see EN5ider #127 and EN5ider #132) and the 140th article of EN5ider, a D&D 5E Patreon ( Consider joining us for as low as $1 a month!
    In addition to free articles on the front page of the Patreon, we have excellent free content here on DriveThruRPG as well to promote the (funded in 4 minutes, over $100,000 raised, and ending TODAY!) A TOUCH MORE CLASS Kickstarter: &
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  • La Mort Blanche
    La Mort BlanchePublisher:

    Nous sommes dans les années 1980, en pleine guerre froide.

    Dans l’océan Arctique, les Soviétiques semblent avoir évacué une de leurs stations dérivantes.

    À quoi servait la station ?

    Est-elle vraiment abandonnée ?

    L’Agence vous envoie sur place pour en savoir plus.

    La Mort Blanche est un scénario mêlant science-fiction, espionnage et horreur. Vous pouvez y jouer avec Mythras ou Mythras Fondamentaux. Nous vous fournissons six personnages prétirés ainsi que des règles pour gérer la santé mentale.

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  • Broken Legions: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames in the Roman Empire
    Broken Legions: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames in the Roman EmpirePublisher: Osprey Publishing

    The Roman Empire rules the civilised world with an iron fist, seemingly all-powerful and limitless. And yet, the power of Rome is secured not by its mighty legions, but by small bands of warriors and agents fighting a secret war. Tasked by the Emperor to explore ancient temples, forgotten labyrinths and beast-haunted caverns, they seek out artefacts hidden by the gods themselves, hunt creatures of myth and face enemies that would use dark magic against the empire.

    Broken Legions is a set of fantasy skirmish rules for a war unknown to history, fought in the shadows of the Roman Empire. Various factions recruit small warbands to fight in tight, scenario-driven battles that could secure the mystical power to defend - or crush - Rome. A points system allows factions to easily build a warband, and mercenaries and free agents may also be hired to bolster a force. Heroes and leaders may possess a range of skills, traits and magical abilities, but a henchman's blade can be just as sharp, and a campaign can see even the lowliest henchman become a hero of renown.

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  • The Cthulhu Hack: Deadbeats - Performance
    The Cthulhu Hack: Deadbeats - PerformancePublisher: Just Crunch Games

    On the run from the mob, Lester scores a desperate gig for his trio. Only trouble is, the booking is for a funeral, over in the backwoods of Illinois—where they sure ain't never heard of Tiger Rag.

    Based on the characters and events from the graphic novel, Performance is the first of several short articles that will make up the whole Deadbeats release.

    Performance expands the special abilities available to player characters in The Cthulhu Hack - with such memorable offerings as Ain't None O' Your Business and Wearing No Pants - as well as offering up the new base Archetype, the Performer.

    Ready-to-play material for your Cthulhu Hack game - and the first of several new expansions released to patrons (search Patreon and cthulhuhack on your favourite search engine for more information and other articles available to patrons).


    Deadbeats © 2012 Chad Fifer, Chris Lackey and I.N.J. Culbard. Images, characters and other material are used with the kind permission of the creators. 

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  • The Men Who Would Be Kings: Colonial Wargaming Rules
    The Men Who Would Be Kings: Colonial Wargaming RulesPublisher: Osprey Publishing

    The Men Who Would Be Kings is a set of rules designed for fighting historical or Hollywood colonial battles in the mid to late 19th Century, from the Indian Mutiny to the Boxer Rebellion. Large scale colonial clashes tended to be one-sided affairs, but there are countless reports of brief, frantic skirmishes in every colonial war, where either side could be victorious, and these are the battles that The Men Who Would Be Kings seeks to recreate. Although focusing on the British colonial wars against the Zulus, Maoris and others, these rules will also permit players to explore the empires of France, Germany, and other nations, as well as allowing for battles between rival native factions. Gameplay is very simple, and is driven by the quality of the officers leading your units, in the true spirit of Victorian derring-do and adventure, where larger than life characters such as the (real) Fred Burnaby and the (fictional) Harry Flashman led their troops to glory and medals or a horrible end at the point of a spear tip.

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  • Rogue Stars: Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld
    Rogue Stars: Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction UnderworldPublisher: Osprey Publishing

    Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other such shady factions from the fringes of galactic civilisation. Crews can vary in size, typically from four to six, and the character and crew creation systems allow for practically any concept to be built. Detailed environmental rules that include options for flora, fauna, gravity, dangerous terrain and atmosphere, and scenario design rules that ensure that missions are varied and demand adaptation and cunning on the parts of the combatants, make practically any encounter possible. Run contraband tech to rebel fighters on an ocean world while hunted by an alien kill-team or hunt down a research vessel and fight zero-gravity boarding actions in the cold depths of space - whatever you can imagine, you can do.

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  • The Pikeman's Lament: Pike and Shot Wargaming Rules
    The Pikeman's Lament: Pike and Shot Wargaming RulesPublisher: Osprey Publishing

    Recreate the action and drama of 17th Century warfare on your tabletop with The Pikeman's Lament. Start by creating your Officer - is he a natural leader raised from the ranks, the youngest son of a noble family, or an old veteran who has seen too many battles? As you campaign, your Officer will win honour and gain promotion, acquiring traits that may help lead his men to victory. Before each skirmish, your Officer must raise his Company from a wide range of unit options - should he lean towards hard-hitting heavy cavalry or favour solid, defensively minded infantry? Companies are typically formed from 6-8 units, each made up of either 6 or 12 figures, and quick, decisive, and dramatic games are the order of the day. With core mechanics based on Daniel Mersey's popular Lion Rampant rules, The Pikeman's Lament captures the military flavour of the 17th Century, and allows you to recreate skirmishes and raids from conflicts such as the Thirty Years' War, the English Civil Wars, and the Great Northern War.

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  • Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames
    Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish WargamesPublisher: Osprey Publishing

    More than 150 years have passed since the apocalypse that nearly destroyed the Earth. Today, the planet is a torn remnant of its former glory, ravaged by nuclear fallout and mutagens. New lifeforms - Mutants and Synthetics - challenge True Humanity for dominance, while warring factions compete for survival and supremacy, and all must carve out their place in this brutal landscape, or else perish as billions before them. Scrappers is skirmish miniatures game set in the wastelands, where players assemble Scrapper Crews and send them out to scavenge scraps of Ancient technology and battle rival factions. Explorers, cultists and raiders clash with mutated creatures, robotic soldiers and embittered True Humans in this wargame of salvage and survival in the ruins of the future.

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