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  • Hurricane Ian relief bundle [BUNDLE]
    Publisher: Point of Insanity Game Studio
    This special bundle product contains the following titles.

    All profit from the sale of this bundle will be donated to the Red Cross to assist with their efforts to aid the victims of Hurrican Ian.

    169624-thumb140.jpg Afterpeak Oceania
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     Watermarked PDF
    Are you looking for a relaxing trip to a tropical paradise? Looking forward to kicking back on a beautiful white sand beach with a cool beverage under a palm tree? Well, too bad because you won't find that here! Welcome to the Pacific Ocean, Afterpeak style. Pirates roam the seas and horrible creatures lurk in the ocean depths. Even the sight of land doesn’t promise safety, for you never know when you’ll stumble upon a stronghold of the Servants of Chaos, a pirate base, or an island inhabited by cannibals eager to invite you to dinner! Afterpeak Atlas: Oceania presents several of the islands and nations on the Pacific Ocean in the year 2045. It also includes new Light and Dark Lore abilities, new magic items, and new monsters to add flavor to your campaign....

    68908-thumb140.jpg Afterpeak Systemless Setting
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     Watermarked PDF
    The naysayers were right...oil wells the world over have gone dry and civilization has collapsed into chaos. But from the ruins of war a new world is born. Magic is now humanity's ally as he seeks to rebuild the world that technology destroyed. Afterpeak is a Systemless Setting designed for use with any role playing game. It combines aspects of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the Post Apocalypse genres without being confined by the stereotypes of these styles of play. Afterpeak includes information on gaming in this new world, a new system of magic to integrate into your campaign, and dozens of new monsters to throw at your players. Do you dare enter the World of Afterpeak?...

    115134-thumb140.jpg Modern Monks Player's Guide
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    Modern Monks is a retro-clone inspired role playing game with a focus on martial arts in the preset day. The rules of this game are designed to emulate the second edition of one of the world's most well known fantasy games. It can be used for campaigns focusing on gritty realism or the over the top super moves found in video games and anime. The Modern Monks Player's Guide contains rules for characters level 1-20. Inside you'll find: -Six character classes: the versitle martial artist who can focus on power, defense, or quick strikes, the tough soldier, the sneaky rogue, and the civilian. -Skills and Techniques to customize your character -Armor, weapons, and equipment -Guidelines for economics -11 character specialties like the rugged survivalist, the wise sensei, the daring ...

    117425-thumb140.jpg Monsters of Afterpeak
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    This supplement for the Modern Monks role playing game contains game statistics for all of the monsters listed in the Afterpeak setting book as well as nine new creatures....

    178825-thumb140.jpg Monsters of Afterpeak 2
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     Watermarked PDF
    This supplement for the Modern Monks role playing game contains game statistics for 40 antagonists for your Afterpeak campaign. Monsters of Afterpeak 2 contains monsters from the Oceania supplement, human NPCs, and a few new creatures....

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  • SOS19 The Fall of Fate Keep
    Publisher: Starry Knight Press


    An Introductory Level Fantasy Adventure
    Intended for Player Characters Levels 1 to 3

    When resting around a campfire after a long day in the saddle,
    the last thing anyone wants to deal with is unexpected guests.
    Especially when they bring along angry, sword wielding friends!
    But this is exactly what happens on a cool summer night when a
    young woman, chased by skeletons, runs up seeking your help.
    Will your players answer the hero’s call?

    Greetings adventurers and Game Masters! 

    I am very happy to release the nineteenth book in my Old School Series of adventures, THE FALL OF FATE KEEP. In this scenario your players will come to the aid of a band of fellow heroes who have gotten in over their head when they invaded the dungeon below a ruined keep. These youngsters were searching for hidden treasure and a fabled magic pool, purported to grant wishes to those who sample its waters! This introductory adventure is intended for 4 to 6 players of levels 1 to 3, and it offers GM's a great way to begin a new campaign.

    Synopsis: While travelling between quests, the players are camped on the side of the road, near an an old ruined keep, in a small patch of swampland along the western coast of the province of Magus, in the nation of The Imperium. The excitement begins when a pair of adventurers come running out of the ruined keep across the road and right into the party’s camp. Chased by a group of foul undead, the pair stumbles and falls, bleeding and afraid, right beside the party’s campfire, begging for their aid. The players will have little choice in the matter as the mindless undead set about attacking all living beings in their path, including the players. After the battle the players discover one of the new arrivals has died, and the other begs for the players’ aid in rescuing her comrades from the dungeon beneath the nearby ruins.

    Will your players answer the hero’s call?

    Maps of Arx Fatum and the Dungeon Below

     SOS19+map1 SOS19_map2

    Cartography by Louis "sirlou" Kahn, all rights reserved.

    This adventure was written for use with the OSRIC/1E rulesets, but it is sufficiently generic to be compatible with most fantasy role-playing games (FRPG). Minimal statistics are included in the text of the adventure, and the Game Master is encouraged to use their ruleset of choice. This scenario also features new magic items, including a rare and wonderous suit of blessed alligator armour, which allows the player to transform into one of these powerful predators!

    PLUS with this purchase you also get a free copy of my 2022 Starry Knight Press Catalog, which has information on all of my modules and supplements, as well as maps of the known portions of my campaign world of Terrans, and bonus content (new monsters and magic items for OSR/5E rules) from my published books!

    Louis “sirlou” Kahn
    Starry Knight Press
    September 2022

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  • Isometric Assets No. 4, September community asset pack
    Publisher: Minish Cartography

    This pack contains a collection of isometric assets to use in your own maps. The theme of the pack and some of the assets were chosen by my Patreon community. All the assets have transparent shadows to allow layering over any ground material on the base map. The pack contains the following.

    - 3 ships

    - 2 large boats

    - 2 collections of small boats

    - 6 dock and pier sections

    - 1 dock section with warehouse

    - 1 lighthouse

    Isometric Assets No. 4, September community asset packPrice: $1.50 Read more »
  • OP54 - Mill Crossing
    Publisher: Adventures in Filbar

    You never know what you may come across on a trek thru the frontier. A wide river needs forded but fortunately an old, abandoned mill offers you a chance to stay dry...

    This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign, for a pair of first level PCs. This one page offering was designed as a 5th edition offering but can easily be adjusted for other formats. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @FilbarRPG for news and offers!

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  • Shards of Contagion
    Publisher: White Wolf

    The Contagion Chronicle introduced a world reeling from sickness. The God-Machine itself is overwhelmed with illness manifesting as a variety of plagues upon the world. The Sworn collaborate to eradicate this Contagion, while the False seek to manipulate it to their own ends. Yet, there are other worlds, shards of a shattered Mirror that can also be touched by the Contagion. These places could provide refuge for Sworn fleeing from a dying world, resources for the False to plunder in their greed — perhaps even the key to stopping the Contagion once and for all.

    Perhaps one of these worlds is the very source of the Contagion.

    Shards of Contagion includes:

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  • The Path
    Publisher: Old School Role Playing

    This is an adventure for Cepheus Engine.

    The Path of the Shining Sky is a relatively new religious organization in the Sonora sector. Some might call this organization a cult. It's members are seen frequently at star ports across the sector wearing flowing robes and handing out literature about their religion.

    Recently "The Path," as they are known across the sector, has made accusations about local authorities on several worlds persecuting their membership about their religious views. The Path has decided to send their members forth in pilgrim ships to unexplored worlds in the nearest sector to the Sonora. The leadership of the Path believes that is the duty of their members to colonize other worlds and spread their faith even to alien races.

    One of these ships has recently gone missing. There has been no word from it in some time. A pair of wealthy concerned parents want this ship located. They want their son returned to them if possible. There are others, however, who would prefer that this ship never be heard from again.

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  • Book of Days
    Publisher: White Wolf

    Day into Night, Night into Day...
    With Glamour ever scarcer in the Autumn World, changelings need to look for every source they can to survive. The commemorations and festivals that fill their calendar are not only for passing the days, but also to encourage joy and inspiration in their Dreamers. Around the world, from month to month and season to season, the fae will find any excuse they can to gather, celebrate, and give a bit of brightness back to the people, for every day is potentially precious....

    ...and the Wheel Keeps on Turning
    This book contains:
    •    A daily compendium of events observed by the fae worldwide
    •    Essays on seemings, milestones, and ways that changelings measure their lives
    •    Information about the returning popularity of the mysterious Seasonal Courts
    •    Systems and mechanics for dealing with interactions between time, the Dreaming, and fae nature
    •    Seasonal Merits & Flaws, chimera, Lycians, and Treasures
    ...and more!

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  • Reilley's Road Trip: A Neon Nights 1st Edition Expansion
    Publisher: Ethan H. Reynolds

    “Ready for the road trip of your life? Head on down’ta reilleysroadtrip.jc/business to catch a ride today! Happy trailin’!” -Reilley Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Reilley’s Road Trips

    In the terrifying and barren landscape of the Great Wastes outside of Jeriko City, dangers surround you at every second. Whether it be monstrous mutants, ruthless raiders, or the scorching sun, the Great Wastes are an inhospitable place to travel…


    Introducing Reilley’s Road Trips, an expansion to the hit cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game Neon Nights: 1st Edition! In this expansion, you’ll explore…

    • -The town of Rim’s Edge, the citadel for the heroic Waste Rangers who vow to protect the Great Wastes with either writ or revolver!
    • -The Reclaimer Clan’s camp, a raider clan seeking to inherit the Great Wastes for their god, the very Sun itself!
    • -The prolific Sharon’s Scrap Shop, filled with vehicles, items, and informational guides on repairing all items!
    • -An abandoned battlefield fought between the armies of Jeriko City and Lin-Shei, and the peculiar faces found there!
    • -The Old World, the supposed location of the nuclear apocalypse, housing the most terrifying creatures seen!
    • -Reilley’s own shop!

    In these locations, you’ll find exciting perks, powerful weapons, unique vehicles, a robust item modification system, and fascinating lore!

    64 pages of AMAZING content all for FREE await you! Explore the Great Wastes with your friends today!

    NOTE: This is an expansion for Neon Nights: 1st Edition. In order to use this expansion, you will need the base handbook to enjoy the game fully. 

    Reilley's Road Trip: A Neon Nights 1st Edition ExpansionPrice: $14.99 Read more »
  • Hauntwood Mines Part 1
    Publisher: GameScape3D

    The First Instalment of "The Witch of Haunt Wood Mine" Available on Tribes as a split release during September and October. This is a All models are designed to stand alone but obviously you would miss out on a lot of versitility with just one part. This month includes:

    • Mine Elevator
    • Miners Barracks
    • Witch House
    • 3 Mountains (with caves)
    • 2 Foot+ Plateau  (30+ inch footprint)

    All of this is set up for Support free FDM Printing on 8x8 inch beds. Some smaller parts have optional resin set ups.

    Hauntwood Mines Part 1Price: $26.00 Read more »
  • Fantasy Monster Portrait - Female Zombie 3
    Publisher: InfiniteRealms

    Welcome to InfiniteRealms.

    Bring your monsters to life with this inspired monster portrait.

    This is a 4.25 x 5.5-inch PNG format print quality file at 300 DPI. The final file does not include the InfiniteRealms watermark.

    *Purchasing this image grants the purchaser a single non-exclusive license to use the image for personal or commercial use as part of a separate work, barring the resale of the image itself, whether alone or part of a larger collection.

    **Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

    Explore other InfiniteRealms Titles

    Fantasy Monster Portrait - Female Zombie 3Price: $0.99 Read more »

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