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  • Chronos: Before the Ashes - Interview @Gamingbolt
    Gamingbolt spoke with the devs of Chronos: Before the Ashes about the combat structure, progression, and more. Chronos: Before the Ashes is itself an overhauled version of 2016’s Chronos, so how much have you had to go back and change and add things to the story, given the fact that Before the Ashes is a prequel to Remnant? John Pearl, Design Director: The story of Remnant: From the Ashes picks up just a month after the end of Chronos.... Read more »
  • Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail - Coming Soon
    The latest update from Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem announces that the first Chronicle will be available soon which will feature gameplay improvements and new content. Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail - Coming Soon Hello everyone,We will soon be releasing our first Chronicle for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.... Read more »
  • Greedfall - Sold One Million & Getting New Content
    Spiders have tweeted that Greedfall has sold 1 million worldwide and will be getting new content. GreedFall has sold over one million copies worldwide. Thank you so much for making the journey this incredible! Following our community's feedback, Teer Fradee is now coming to next-gen consoles and getting new additional content.... Read more »
  • Drox Operative 2 - Early Access Month 5
    Drox Operative 2 is five month in Early Access - here are the news: Drox Operative 2 early access month 5 Drox Operative 2 has now been in early access for a little over 5 months and is currently available on Steam and GOG. As of this post, we've released 26 patches (7 since the last post) with 933 total changes (152 since the last post), which can be read here.... Read more »
  • Non-RPG General News - Woodsalt Gameplay Trailer
    The Adventure Game/Visual Novel Woodsalt will be released on December 9: "Woodsalt" Gameplay trailer - Out on Steam and Nintendo Switch December 9th loading... The title is a sci-fi psychological thriller adventure game set in a classic 90s JRPG style.... Read more »
  • Eador: Masters of the Broken World - New Game Announced
    A new Eador game has been announced. Eador lives on! A new game is announced. Hello!Due to the lack of news and updates, you might be wondering what happens to our development plans. Have we forgot about the Eador universe at all or do we have something up our sleeve?Well, as you may have already guessed - we have a bunch of surprises for our fans.... Read more »
  • Dishonored Complete Collection - 75% Off on GOG and Steam
    The Dishonored Complete Collection on Steam and GOG is currently 75% off. Please note that this pack contains Dishonored - Definitive Edition, Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™ and Dishonored 2 Read more »
  • Drakensang: TDE - Available on GOG for 75% Off
    Drakensang is now available on GOG for 75% off. Note that this release is region blocked in NZ and Australia. Get ready for an adventure set in the popular medieval fantasy universe. Drakensang is now available on GOG.COM with a 75% discount lasting until 2nd December 2020, 2 PM UTC.... Read more »
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Review @ MMORPG
    MMORPG reviewed Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Yakuza: Like a Dragon Review A love letter to Dragon Quest from the makers of Yakuza The latest entry in SEGA’s Japanese mafia-simulator is here. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the seventh main entry in the long-running Yakuza series, which originated on PlayStation but is now available for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.... Read more »
  • Solasta - Answers to Players' Feedback
    Tactical Adventures answers to the most popular feedback and tells what is likely to change: Dev Update #24 - Community Feedback & Sourcebook Update Hello there everyone! Today we're going to be doing a slightly different Dev Update than usual.... Read more »

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