March 16 2017

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  • The Waylanders - Update #15
    There's a new Kickstarter update for The Waylanders: ALPHA access, German translation and free location After a great weekend, we are super close to our goal! And we want to thank you for your amazing support with 3 new surprises: a new awesome add-on, a new FREE ingame location and the translation of the game to German! New Location We are adding an important location on the map of The Waylanders, which will expand your game experience.... Read more »
  • Fallout 76 - B.E.T.A Impressions
    IndianNoob checked out the upcoming online survival RPG Fallout 76: Fallout 76 B.E.T.A – Impressions When a long-established series, whether it be video games or any other form of media moves in on a new direction, the target base gets divided into two groups.... Read more »
  • INSOMNIA: The Ark - Review @Indigo Gaming
    INSOMNIA: The Ark was reviewed by Indigo Gaming. loading... This is the debut episode of a series where I explore the games that emulate that old-school Fallout feeling. Apocalypse Archives is going to be a set of reviews of post-apocalyptic RPGs, action and survival games that are compelling, fun and immersive.... Read more »
  • Path of Exile - Impressions For Diablo Newcomers
    @PCInvasion A former Diablo player relates his experience trying Path of Exile as a newcomer. The talk of the town these past few days has been about BlizzCon. More specifically, it’s Blizzard’s decision to announce a mobile game, Diablo: Immortal, which did not sit well with their hardcore PC fanbase.... Read more »
  • Dark Harvest - Version 0.1.2 released
    Dark Harvest is a hack 'n slash action RPG which has recently been updated to version 0.1.2. Today a major update went live with the first boss of the game and a lot of bugfixes and updates to the quality of life. This update brings more life to the Great Forest with added grass and flowers to give the overall world a more stunning view.... Read more »
  • Tale of Two Wastelands - v3.2 Released
    The Tale of Two Wastelands v3.2 has been released. The mod merges the Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas wastelands. TTW 3.2 Released 2018/11/10! Post by pintocat » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:25 am After 3.5 years, Tale of Two Wastelands has advanced from version 2.... Read more »
  • Microsoft - Is Buying Credibility
    PCGamesN analyses why Microsoft bought InXile and Obsidian. Even so, the news might seem unnerving from the outside. The reason Microsoft needs to go on a buying spree is, to put it frankly, because it’s killed too many of its best studios... Read more »
  • Elder Scrolls VI - No New Graphics Engine
    GameWatcher reports that the Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will not get a new graphics engine. The Elder Scrolls 6 engine will, then, essentially be an upgraded version of the Starfield engine, which will in turn be an upgraded version of what's running Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, which in turn runs Skyrim, New Vegas, Fallout 3, and - though a bit of a stretch - Morrowind, too.... Read more »
  • RPGWatch Feature - The Waylanders Interview
    Farflame reached out to Gato Salvaje Studio, for an interview about The Waylanders, and got to ask CEO and narrative director, Sergio Prieto some questions. RPGWatch: I will start right away with a question concerning an issue players have. It seems that there is a certain skepticism nowadays towards "unknown" indie studios, especially RPG makers.... Read more »
  • Realms Beyond - Funded
    Just noticed that Realms Beyond has been funded on Kickstarter, with the total amount being just over the asked amount of 100 KEuro. Read more »