March 16 2017

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  • Solasta - Dev Update #8 - Choose your Monster
    Here's dev update #8 for Solasta: Crown of the Magister: Dev Update #8 - Choose your Monster & More! Hey there folks! How have you all being doing? We want to start off this Dev Update with a big congratulations to Kiaradth Bright-Spark (submitted by Jackobake), winner of the Mayor of Caer Cyflen Contest.... Read more »
  • Master of Magic - New Update and DLC @ GOG
    Henriquejr spotted an Master of Magic update and a DLC on GOG: Master of Magic gets an update and new DLC from Slitherine The classic strategy game receives a new version with fresh features and visuals. Master of Magic is now available on GOG.COM in a completely updated version.... Read more »
  • Battle Brothers - The Retinue
    A new gameplay mechanic has been introduced to Battle Brothers with the DLC Blazing Deserts called The Retinue. Dev Blog #127: The Retinue, Part I A big reason why suffering heavy losses late in a campaign is devastating, and also why coming back from those losses is difficult, is because most progress that you attain throughout a campaign is in the growing strength of your men - which is the very thing that you stand to lose in every battle.... Read more »
  • Wasteland Remastered - Launch Day
    Wasteland Remastered will release today on GOG, Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox One. loading... Originally released in 1988, Wasteland brought the post-apocalypse to video games and inspired a genre. Play one of history’s defining RPGs with completely overhauled graphics, sound, and expanded musical score.... Read more »
  • Broken Lines - Released
    The tactical RPG Broken Lines has been released today: Broken Lines loading... Your squad has crash-landed behind enemy lines, in the heart of an alternate history Eastern Europe. With no intel or leadership to support them, these soldiers must fight their way back home before the horrors of war break them.... Read more »
  • Urtuk: The Desolation - Gameplay @ DasTactic
    DasTactic checked out the tactic RPG Urtuk: The Desolation: Urtuk ~ 01 How to Play loading... Urtuk The Desolation is an awesome indie title with great yet simple tactical battles and a beautiful art-style. Thoroughly enjoying my time with this game.... Read more »
  • Obsidian Entertainment - Working on Next-Gen RPG
    Segment Next reports that Obsidian Entertainment is working on a next gen AAA RPG. With The Outer Worlds done and dusted, Obsidian Entertainment is switching gears to move onto a triple-a role-playing game for next-generation platforms. The unannounced project was already known to be in the works but now, an indirect confirmation has arrived alongside some minor details.... Read more »
  • HUMANKIND - Feature Focus: Reimagining Terrain
    Turn-based strategy game HUMANKIND has a new video talking about reimagining terrain. loading... Thanks Farflame!   Read more »
  • Broken Lines - New Trailer
    PC Gamer reports on a new trailer for tactical RPG Broken Lines. We were pretty intrigued about Broken Lines when it was announced last year, and we’re definitely more intrigued now that we’ve seen more of it. Broken Lines is a tactical RPG with an emphasis on story that’s set in an alternate history World War 2, due to release on February 25th.... Read more »
  • Geneforge 1 - Mutagen - Funded
    Geneforge 1 - Mutagen has been funded on Kickstarter and achieved its first stretch goal. Geneforge is Funded! First Stretch Goal Met! Spiderweb SoftwareCreator February 18, 2020 The first five days of the Geneforge 1 - Mutagen Kickstarter have been very eventful! We funded in less than 24 hours.... Read more »